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Why Are Rats Awesome Pets?

Rebecca is a writer, illustrator, animator, and digital artist.

Why Are Rats Awesome Pets?

When you tell someone you are a proud owner of a pet rat, you usually get either two different extremes: a loud, "Ew!" or an overwhelming, “Aww!." However, some people fall somewhere in the middle, and those people might have a few questions about whether or not a pet rat is right for them.

Rats are cuddly, affectionate, and social creatures. They make great pets for children or anyone who lives in a small apartment who may not be able to care for an animal such as a dog or cat. Pet rats are wonderfully smart and caring animals who just don’t get enough credit for their lovability.

The rest of this article will help you decide if owning a pet rat is right for you. I will go in-depth as to why rats make awesome pets. I will also explain if they love their owners and how easy it is to care for these adorable furry animals.

Are They a Good Pet for Me?

Pet rats are fun, outgoing, and friendly. They also make awesome shoulder sidekicks!

These tiny pocket creatures are fantastic if you are a beginner pet owner. They only live three to five years old. If you aren’t sure where you’ll be in the next few years, these pets can be your best pal in the meantime.

Rats are relatively low maintenance and don’t require as much attention as a dog or a cat. They can go low periods of time throughout the day without assistance. They can be wonderful pets if you are someone who works a lot or attends school. Their cages and toys are relatively inexpensive, and they don’t ever require a bath!

Something to consider before getting rats is that rats are social animals. They require a friend to live life with. Rats can get depressed if they are left alone for too long. They need a friend to survive, so if you are considering getting rats, please remember to get a pair instead of just one!

Pet rats are sweet and entertaining to be around; however, it is always best to assess your situation to decide if these miniature creatures are right for you.

Royalty-free image used

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Do Rats Love Their Owners?

Rats are known to be super social animals. They love each other and their humans!

Pet rats are truly capable of love. They show affection by licking and grooming each other and their caregivers. They can remember voices and faces and enjoy a light scratch on the head. They develop tight bonds with their owners and their cage mates.

Not only can rats love, but they can also laugh! Studies performed at Bowling Green State University suggested that when a rat is playing or is tickled they can utter a chirping sound which is equivalent to that of human laughter!

Rats express emotions in a similar way that humans do. They can feel love, happiness, and even depression. Some studies show that rats feel an immense amount of grief when a cage mate dies. Rats feel in a deep and complex manner.

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Are They Good for Beginners?

If you are still trying to decide if a rat is right for you, keep reading!

These adorable pets are fantastic playmates for beginner pet owners such as children and experienced pet owners alike.

As a rat mom myself, I have owned cats and dogs and feel that rats are essentially pocket-sized dogs. They can perform tricks, go for walks, and maintain a powerful bond with their owners. They require a cage, toys, fluff, and healthy food to live life to the fullest.

Rats don’t require much experience but they require love, care, and most of all a caring owner.

Royalty-free image used

Royalty-free image used

Are Rats Low Maintenance?

Rats don’t require as much maintenance as other house pets. They need a cage, food, and toys to be happy little ratties.

However, there are some minimum requirements for owning rats.

  • They need a sizeable cage at least 90 cms long, 60 cms deep, and 150 cms tall.
  • Do not use tanks or tubs for rats; they have sensitive lungs and need fresh air!
  • They need healthy dietary food such as Oxbow Essentials and the right types of toys
  • Rats have ever-growing teeth. If they don’t have chew toys, their teeth can grow into their mouths, which would require a vet visit. So make sure you pick up plenty of toys or chew sticks such as this Apple Stick Pack.

These small animals are low in maintenance but high in love!

Final Thoughts

Whichever way you lean, everyone can agree that rats can be great pets for the right person.

They are sweet, friendly, low-maintenance, and super smart. Rats are good pets for anyone looking for a caged companion to hang out with. They are quiet creatures and self-cleaning. They make great pets for children and adults.

Also, please be reminded that there is some discussion regarding where to buy your pet rats. If you are unsure of the most humane places to purchase your pets, please do some research regarding that topic before finalizing your decision.


This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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