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How to Take Care of Your Gerbils: Diet, Cages, and Handling

Gerbils are unique and fun, but it is important to know how to properly take care of them. Here are some tips on how to take care of your gerbils.


9 Things to Consider When Buying a Gerbil

A gerbil can be a fantastic addition to your home and family. They are fun, placid, and intelligent and make fantastic pets. But what do you need to consider when buying a gerbil?


How to Get Your Parents to Allow You to Have a Pet Gerbil

Do you want a pet gerbil but your parents don't like small pets? Read about how to convince your parents with research, responsibility, and maturity.


How to Care for Gerbils With Broken Teeth

Gerbils’ teeth are regenerative, meaning broken teeth will grow back, usually in about four days. However, until the tooth has grown back, it will be necessary to help your gerbil by preparing them a special diet.


How to Identify and Help Depressed Gerbils

Do you have a gerbil that seems depressed? Depression is not only common among people these days, it can also apply to animals/pets, including gerbils.

This is Midnight, out gerbil... she  has a feisty spirit and is very fun!

3 Ways to Trim or Wear Down a Gerbil's Teeth and Claws

A gerbil's teeth and claws are always growing and getting longer. A lot of people will just let them grow and won't stop and think how this is affecting their pet. Explore three strategies for maintaining your gerbil's teeth and claws.


What Can Your Pet Gerbil Eat? Feeding and Diet Recommendations

Most pet gerbils eat store-bought pellets or feed-mixes. In addition to the formulated gerbil diets offered by pet stores, some gerbils enjoy the occasional fruit, nut, seed, or veggie as a treat. This guide outlines some common foods that are appropriate for pet gerbils to consume.