72 Cute and Funny Guinea Pig Names

What a cute, fuzzy, little guy!
What a cute, fuzzy, little guy! | Source

What to Name Your New Guinea Pig

So you are getting a guinea pig? You must be squealing just like one with excitement! Who wouldn’t at the news that you are getting one of the cutest, cuddliest, and most lovable little fuzzy animals alive?

Guinea pigs make wonderful pets and are low maintenance. They do not require a whole lot of space, their housing requirements are minimal, and it's a lot of fun to build them a little play area! They enjoy the company of other guinea pigs and really form a bond with their owners. You will love them for their entire five to seven year lifespan, and they'll love you right back.

So, do you have any idea what you will name your guinea pig? Meeting your match at the pet store is the easy part, but giving it a name might not be so easy. If you are lucky, the name will just come to you as soon as you chose which one to take home. Most are not that lucky, and, therefore, need to do a little research.

To make this matter a little easier, I have compiled a list of the best guinea pig names that I could find or think of. Scroll down to find different names in separate categories.

Boy Guinea Pig Names

Male names often sound more “fierce” than girly names, but whether your guinea pig is more of an attention-hog or a shy piglet, there’s a name for all!


Girl Guinea Pig Names

Girl names commonly have a “girly” feel to them and often reflect the foods we eat! Why? Because girls are sweet, so is food, and girls love food. That’s not all that is on our list, of course, so check it out!


Cute Guinea Pig Names

Guinea pigs are adorably fuzzy little critters. These cute pets deserve a name as cute as they are! Check out these cute guinea pig names, great for males and females!

Stud Muffin
Cuddle Bunny

Funny Guinea Pig Names

It's easy to come up with a funny name for your furry friend. Pick a name that plays on their species or their small stature, for starters.

Ginny Pig
The Hulk
Bam Bam
Pork Chop
Jack Hammer

Picking a Guinea Pig Name

There are plenty of names to choose from, and hopefully you have already found one you like by this point, but if you haven't, not to worry!

Whether you have a male or female guinea pig, try assessing its personality and outer appearance to help you pick a name.

  • Does it run to you right away, or is it still a bit skittish?
  • Is it loud, or does it make little noise?
  • What color is it and what “hairstyle” does it have?

Answering these questions can help when deciding between two or three names, too.

Let Your Guinea Pig Help Decide

Still don’t have a name? I’m a fan of letting my animals help in this process just because I am so indecisive when it comes to these things, not to mention the silly memories that it makes. There are a couple of ways a guinea pig can “help” choose a name.

  • If you have an outgoing piggy, have a few friends sit in a circle, assign a name to each person, and place the guinea pig in the middle. The guinea pig takes on the name of the person it goes to first!
  • Write different names on a few index cards and place them around the room with some guinea pig food; you can even do this in the cage if it’s big enough. Whichever card it eats off first is the name that the guinea pig chooses! Easy, right? I think so!

Whatever you do to figure out the guinea pig’s name, have fun with it!

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Comments 171 comments

halah 2 years ago

do guinea pigs eat grass

anthony gutierrez 2 years ago

This really helped

San de Maria 2 years ago

a good name is porky

Guinea girl 2 years ago

2 good names are chocolate and bikkie . That's my guinea pig names. Oh!and guinea pigs do eat grass mine love it

Tynia 2 years ago

Thank you for the names it helped a lot

Siobhan 2 years ago

Still begging to get one

Savannah 2 years ago

I name my girl guinea pig that because she is a reddish

sadie 2 years ago

I am going to name my Guinea pig bubbles or cuddle bug

Leslie 2 years ago

I'm might be getting a boy and a girl so boy Tank girl princess thanks for the names

marissa 2 years ago

I'm getting a boy so I'm thanking ozzy

chomper or patches 2 years ago

I think for a boy chomper, rocko. for a girl cteampuff, studmuffin, cottonbl, patches bella

love 4ever 2 years ago

They forgot brownie and brown sugar

Hey 2 years ago

Lol people these days peper is nice for a spicy little one

Nutmeg 2 years ago

Nutmeg is a fun and cute name for a girl mostly ..... maybe a boy but , i love it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Marhionna 2 years ago

It is helpful and now I can't wait to get a guinea pig.

dogcandance123 2 years ago

how do i get my parents to let me get a guinea pig

Emily 24 months ago

I'm thinking about princess for my girl guinea pig.

laharrica 23 months ago

trying to convince my dad to get me a guinea pig so, all could say was when they get happy they do back flips

Erin 23 months ago

OmG all of the names are cute I cannot decide

Demi 22 months ago

Love meatball ... really cute

janelly 22 months ago

Love it so much

Meatball 22 months ago


alex 21 months ago


Alicia B 21 months ago

I think baby is just weird but I like some of the rest.

Haylie 21 months ago

I think the girl names are so cute.they forgot butterscotch.

poohbare 21 months ago

my hamster die so im getting a guinea pig and thanks u helped a lot with the name its name is snikerdodle thanks for the cage to.

Browny 20 months ago

My hamster died only because of my little sister and I was only 7 years old now I'm 10 and got a guinea pig and I named it Browny and this helped me know what to name it and it is living a happy life.

Scarlett 18 months ago

I'm waiting for my guinea pig to die because he's horrible and mean so when he dies I'm getting 2 lovely girls and I might name them meatball and suger

Alli 18 months ago

I just got my guinea pig yesterday she's black and white she always knocks over her food bowl her name is oreo

Rayne 18 months ago

I was thinking of getting a male and naming him Bacon.

peydipoo 17 months ago

i have a black guinea pig and its a girl and i cant find a good name for her! help please!

Amaya 17 months ago

I got 2 guinea pigs last christmas and their names are Peppermint and Chesnut.

Rubby 17 months ago

I'm have 2 guinea pig that's a boy and a girl the girl name is Lusia and the boys name is furrball and I just got a Nother guinea pig and I can think of a name

sasha lee 17 months ago

I love these names but his name is dixy

Logan 17 months ago

My ginipigs name is peaches

Emily 17 months ago

My ginipig is bam bam (it is a little girl)

Callum 17 months ago

My ginipig is called bart (it is a boy)

Rhiannon 16 months ago

I have 8 guinea pigs

Amy 16 months ago

I got a guinea pig at the humane society his name is oliver. He loves eating and is very fat. I love him.

Sarah Jane Smith 16 months ago

I have an adorable guinea pig her name is s'mores.

Becca K. 16 months ago

I used to have two guinea pigs named Pepé and Pepper,but they both passed away two years ago.

Nate 16 months ago

I have three guinea pigs and one hamster. Their names are Peaches, Lily,and Buttercup. The hamster is Max.

Haley Brown 16 months ago

I have two guinea pigs named Melody (girl), and Harmony (boy)

Alanna 16 months ago

I named mine Friday and Meechi.

Percy 16 months ago

I am going to name my guinea pig that

McKenzie Brass 16 months ago

I named my guinea pig mia. My friend rose has one named cupcake.

Lady Gaga 16 months ago

I can't figure out whether I should name mine Sophia or Rosie.

Melody 16 months ago

I named my ginea pig oscar meyer lol

Denis Stevens 16 months ago

My guinea pig is super mean he bit my finger really hard

Ida567 16 months ago

I name d mine king aurthor and guinevere

Emmy 16 months ago

Moo is my guinea pig name because he is black and white!

Elliot 16 months ago

Moo is funny i like that

Lindsey 16 months ago

Im thinking oreo for my black and white ginea pig

Gracie Thomas 16 months ago

I'm stil asking for a guinea pig. What should I name it? I'm thinking Snickerdoodle if it's a girl and Snickers if it's a boy.

J.K. Rowling 16 months ago

I named mine Harry Potter and Hermione. :-)

Jello 16 months ago

I named my little girls Peanut and Pecan

Karen 16 months ago

My two guinea pigs are David and Goliath.

Larry 16 months ago

My hamsters are kiki and scout

Larry 16 months ago

Whoops i meant guinea pigs

katie murphy 16 months ago

i have a guinea pig and hes called snowball but im getting a new one next month i like these names:


Num Nums

Mr Squiggles







and Captain G

if you have anymore names please give me some ideas

Mathilda 16 months ago

I named my guinea pig zipper after the fair ride, as he is always running around and doing somersaults.

Hawaiian islands 16 months ago

I named mine pineapple and coconut

Tori 15 months ago

Bam Bam is my favorite...its so cute and funny...

You can call it cosmoz

Michelle Ortman 15 months ago

I used to have two adorable guinea pigs but they died...but i am getting a new one , naming it kirby.

Amy pond 15 months ago

I named my guinea pig donna noble.

Abby Golden 15 months ago

What should i name my black and white guinea pig??????

Somebody please help!!!!!

Beef Cake 15 months ago

We Are Naming Him RUBY!!!!

Hello world :-) 14 months ago

What the heck are you thinking??? My guinea pig is named Ruby, but it is a GIRL!

Woot 14 months ago

My cute lil' one is named Cuddle Bunny. She is sooooooo soooooo


Doofenschmirtz evil inc. 14 months ago

Do you think sophia would be a good name? I cant seem to think of anything else...

Tom Nook 14 months ago

I really want a ginipig, but i cant get one cuz i completely bombed my english test. Now i have to get good scores to get one.i think i will name it ozzy or somethin.

Artist lover 14 months ago

I'm still deciding between Leonardo da Vinci and Michealangolo.

( Is that how you spell it?)

Hieroglyphs 14 months ago

My guinea pig is either going to be Fabio or Pablo.

Yvonne 14 months ago

My guinea pig is named houdini 'cause he is a master escape artist.

Tmi 14 months ago

How about belle so cute right?

jeremy 14 months ago

I named my bed head one, rocket.

Charlotte 14 months ago

Willows cute so is Ally Ginnie from Harry Potter or Lyra

jeff 12 months ago

the best guinea pig name's are deez nutz and ha got eee

Alexander 12 months ago

I name my guinea pig cupcake because she is so so so cute and i have another guinea pig bob because she is so fat

pepper 11 months ago

all of these names have helped me to choose what name i want for my guinea pigs

Makenzi 11 months ago

My Guinea pigs names are Rubi,and Cloebutts!But Rubi gave birth to 2 little baby's cuz apparently she was already pregnant when we got her and we are selling the baby boy but the girl I'm keeping the little baby girl is red and she has red eyes to she's also REALLY loud and non of them run up to my right away,I have to chase them all around the cage but I really need to think of a good name for the baby girl at first I named her "Ginger" but I am starting to not like that name so much really so the only name I came up with that I REALLY like is "Bella" but one of the dogs in my house is already named that.WHAT DO I DO!!!!!!!!!

Anabel 10 months ago

We have had Ginger and Daisy both for a few years. Haha! Love that their names made the list. We are getting a "Clementine" soon...

Wildwood 10 months ago

I might name mine prue or curtis.


Sara 9 months ago

Just adopted 2. Their names are Louie and Sparky. Cute names, I think we'll keep them (names).

love bug 9 months ago

thank you i wanted to name my girl Oreo or carmale

Yasy 9 months ago

Thx this helped alot the only problem though is i think you should put a bit more name suggestions.;)

Rayonna 9 months ago

I think izic and resse

Maddy 9 months ago

Meh favourite name was probobly ,ham OR tootsie

Mystery5314 9 months ago

My favorite name was Oreo

Nutmeg_The_Great 9 months ago

I have 2 guinea pigs named peaches and nutmeg. they are both so sweet

madison 9 months ago

I named my little sweet guinea pig Timothy because that is her favorite food Timothy Hay

8 months ago


Hi 8 months ago

I'm about to get one !!!piglet,willow,moo,bamboo,bam bam,num num,apricot

Marmar 8 months ago

Marshmallow and Starbucks is what I am naming my guinea pin that I am getting tommorow#canNotwait

AVA 8 months ago

Ive had 16 guinea pigs: cocoa, mocha, latte, brewski, java, peanut, cocoa puff, tuffy, mustache head, fluffy, java JR, bob, marshmallow, brownie, macchiato, and my one I got a week ago cappuccino. I loved them all and still do. have fun with guinea pig names, cuz why not

Elizabeth 8 months ago

I named my guinea pig Patrick and I want to get another one but I don't know what I should name it I am going to name it Pepper or butterball!

Makenzi 8 months ago

I am going to name my guinea pig Belle!

ANGEL buttercup 8 months ago

YOU HAVE EXELENT NAMES!!! how do you come up them I named my guinea pig gumball soo cute I came here to get my cat and dog and horse and bird there names I've also got a baby guinea pig called choco you guys are awesome!!!!

bds;f 8 months ago

they aare so [pretty

Shayla 8 months ago

I can not think of any names

chloe 8 months ago

such cute names.... my guinea pigs names are peanut and micky

chole 8 months ago

such cute guinea pigs names are peanut ant micky

ella 8 months ago

i like cookie

Megan Shaw profile image

Megan Shaw 7 months ago

I adopted three beautiful female piggies nearly a year ago, I love Harry potter so I named them after the characters I named them: Dobby, Sirius and Myrtle.

Poppy cat 7 months ago

Love caramel and sprinkle (really want one but mum won't let me)

paige 7 months ago

i named my guinea pig cinnamon because he is cinnamon color

Poppy ca 7 months ago

love biscuit (but still havent got one)

Chantelle 7 months ago

I just got a Guinea pig today I'm so happy it's black with a little bit of brown I'm not sure what to name her I'm thinking cuddles but not sure

little maddog 7 months ago

I am getting a guinea pig and i am going to name it Princess Bella or Cottonball or buttercup

Gpl 7 months ago

Hi I have two Guinea pigs called buzz and woody and i am getting two more boys what should there names be

Kylie 7 months ago

I going to name him Rocko

Aisha 6 months ago

I have a pretty guinea pig BUT I don't have a pretty name to give her.

Alex 6 months ago

I have 1 boy called fand who is 6 and his mate fluffy died at 5 they liked broccoli

RWBY 6 months ago

I got a guinea pig yesterday and still haven't named him. I like the names Cody, Merlin, and Rocco, but I cant decide. HELP! He's black white and brown.

Lillian 6 months ago

Mine are named Athena,Hera,Hercules and my newest (Hera+Hercules) Apollo

Danielle 6 months ago

I Got 2 one called cookie and ciniman

Fluffy Forever 6 months ago

I Had a Guinea Pig. She was called Fluffy. I sat on her and she died :/

Luv animals 6 months ago

Don't sit on it

Caelyn 6 months ago

These are awesome guinea pig names. I definitely have some choices to choose from for my guinea pig

kylie 6 months ago

Im getting 2 male guinea pig i'm naming them Timmy and Nemo.

Sage 6 months ago

I have two Guinea pigs they are both boys, one is called Wilson and the other one Quartz. They are so cute!

merlendechien profile image

merlendechien 6 months ago from 28540

Noah, my seven year old, just got two males a week ago, a white red eyed rosette and a smooth white with black head and eyes. He named them Super Guinea Pig Barney (rosette) and George Williamson (smooth). Super slinks like a cautious rat and George is a watcher. When he sits down they come running to climb on his lap (free range the master bath and the outdoor enclosure). Around everyone else, they are very hesitant.

Connor 6 months ago

I have a lilac dutch with ruby eyes. Her name is Betty! It just came to me when I was first holding her.

Melinie 6 months ago

I might get one. This Really helps. I like Cookie.

Luci 6 months ago

I might get one another name is skipper or tiny

dog lover 5 months ago

I could get one or 2 and call them caramel and cookie

Ingrid 5 months ago

My guinea pig is a nice friend of mine his name is stitch he is only 1 years old his birthday 8/7/2014 he is the best guinea pig ever!

Jerome 5 months ago

Not sure what to call my Guinea pig I like roko cookie and coco

Amber 5 months ago

My guinnea pigs names are Daisy and S'mores

Dakota 5 months ago

My household has a total of nine pets including a rabbit, 2 leopard geckos, and now 6 guinea pigs, 3 of which are babies just 4 days old. The guinea pig names my siblings choose for each of their two piggies are Sprinkles and Furball, Snickers and Fuzzmeister. My own two guinea pigs names are Macheatto and Keanu, and we love them all completely.

Aaron 5 months ago

I just got my new today i might name him Link

City girl 4 months ago

I'm getting 2 Guinea pigs when we get back from our holiday!!!

WHAT DO I CALL THEM???!!! (There going to be girls!)


erin 4 months ago

this is a cute name mimi

guinea pig are bea 4 months ago

my guinea pigs names are rebel (boy) ruby (girl)

Amelia 3 months ago

I got a guinea pig six months ago and her name is Bella, I'm thinking about getting another and naming it Stella

hrunubunsgghnn 3 months ago

i want one so bad

Biscuit princess 3 months ago

My boy Guinea pig is biscuit and my girl is princess and one of there baby's is going to be Li Li if they have a girl

Honey 3 months ago

I might get a hamster or Guinea Pig so there are a lot of cute names SO many cute names

Pom Pom 3 months ago

We have 2 male Guinea Pigs. Their names are Guinness and Bruiser. They are such funny boys!

Harriet 3 months ago

I like these names :


Peaches :


Kaitlyn 3 months ago

Me and my family love them so much better than anything

FaeryPrincess1 3 months ago

Thanks for the help. I didn't take a name from here but I was inspired by Biscuit princess leaving the name biscuit and it inspired me to name my black,white and caramel female guinea pig shortbread . so thank you Biscuit princess for the help.

WhtI 3 months ago

I don't know what to call my Guinie pigs names plese help me

Guinea pig lover 3 months ago

I will name it Godzilla cause mine is a boy

Guinea-pig LOVER 3 months ago

Im thinking for a baby girl Hazel,Rose,Cookie,Willow or Frankie thanks for the ideas!!

NARWHALS312 3 months ago

Hi! Don't make your guinea pig suffer by only getting one, get TWO, they are very social animals and no other animals speak the secret guinea pig language (wich by the way, is adorable!)

Some one 3 months ago

Getting my two females tomorrow can't wait great names

somebody 3 months ago

if i got another male guinea pig i would name it Ozzy

cookiestastegood 3 months ago

i have two female guinea pigs named Guinevere "Gwen" and Buttercup

Kara 3 months ago

I named my female guinea pig Reesie, because she's black and brown!

bean 2 months ago

thank you

eavy 2 months ago

i might get one!!

Orchid4nimationz 2 months ago

My sow just gave birtht o three piglets. One died, but i named the other two Cookie and Milk. Cookie is brown-and-orange, and milk is white-with-tan-and-brown-spots. The sow is named mango and looks like Cookie. The father is named Watermelon and looks like Milk :P

Mitchelle 2 months ago

we named our guinea pigs Snoop Hog, and Count Oreo lol.

Guineahope 7 weeks ago

Getting 2 Guinea pigs 6 months because of rental house pet fee. I already have everything planned and I am getting it in SIX MONTHS that's going to be a looong time.

Any name suggestions?????????????????????????????????????????????

lol 7 weeks ago

I like all of the names I will definitely use one of them

thx for the help.

Zach 7 weeks ago

I have 2 Guinea Pigs one is Nutmeg and 2nd is Ginger It fits rather well together!

guinea pig lover 13 7 weeks ago

mine is Sofia (it is a girl)!!!

Kyla 6 weeks ago

My piggy Gizzmo passed away recently. I'm get another or two soon. Bittzy, bumblebee and buttercup are my favorite names.

Guineahope 6 weeks ago

My friend had a hamster that died of old age. It's name was pippy.

I loved pippy so much. Even though pippy wasn't mine I cried when she died. Pippy is a great name for any Guinea pig.

Please consider the name pippy

R.I.P pippy

Guineahope 6 weeks ago

My best friend going to start adding helpful comments her username is PipPipHooray

She got her username from her hamster, pippie, turns out I was spelling it wrong before

cali_gurl11 6 weeks ago

Today we are picking up our 2 guinea pigs their both all black I have no idea what to name them my mom and I are trying to name them but we just don't know my mom said Opie and Jax from SOA help I need suggestions

Gaynor 5 weeks ago

I have two piggys called gizmo and ozzy they are both boys and they love there names

Chloe 5 weeks ago

These names are great but I can't pick I'm getting a boy I already have a girl her sister died and I need a good boy name to go with my girls even though hers is a boy name it's Chewbacca I love her she's the cutest thing I'm really excited to get a new one they'll be buddies and have the cutest baby's

kerhan 4 weeks ago

what about fluffy

Lol 4 weeks ago

Wergwregxdscsdcsdfsdfedeefeefeefrefrefreffevfevfevrwevreveerferf pumpkin desafesfreavfevfewvwfevew

hello 4 weeks ago


Hello 2 weeks ago

Luke is good

Adorable 2 weeks ago

My guinea pig is named spike he is a boy and hes not even a year old he was born on the same birthday as me dec. 5 and hes rlly tiny

Brianna 12 days ago

I just got my ginipig today and this really help I'm thinking of naming him Ozzy.

Caroline 5 hours ago

Thanks for writing this article. It really helped. I named my guinea pig Murray (Mur-ee) from the Goldberg Show. My Guinea Pig says, "ws998z88.,,3y

1aCFVWS,euyqhag" (I put him on the keyboard.) When I get my next furry friend, I might name it one of the following: Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Peaches, Tangerine, Ginger, Buttercup, Cookie, Pumpkin, Copper, Snickers, Cottonball ,Smores, Furball, Tootsie, Honey, Bam Bam, Alf, Moo, Pepsi, or Cocoa.

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