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Guinea Pigs


How to Make Your Guinea Pig Comfortable in Its Cage

If you fancy adopting a guinea pig, here are some first-hand tips from a guinea pig owner on how you can keep him or her happy. We cross-checked with Dr. Verity Swift to ensure that these tips will also work for you and your guinea pig.


Causes of Sudden Death in Guinea Pigs

What causes pet guinea pigs to die early and unexpectedly? Know the potential causes and warning signs for when your guinea pig's life may be in danger.


The Best Guinea Pig Diet (Plus Which Foods to Avoid)

What should you feed (and not feed) your beloved small pet to ensure a long and healthy life? Here are the appropriate foods for your hamster.


What to Name Your Guinea Pig

Bringing home a new guinea pig? One of the most difficult yet important parts of the process is coming up with a name for your new pet. Here are some guinea pig name ideas for girls, boys, and guineas of all coat colors.


How to Help Your Guinea Pig Gain Weight

If your guinea pig is losing weight, here is a list of foods and supplements to help it put on more weight.


20 Fun Facts About Guinea Pigs!

So, you got a new guinea pig. What do you know about guinea pigs? Think you know everything about them? Think again!


How to Make Guinea Pig Cage Liners: DIY Fleece Bedding

Tired of always running to the store to buy wood shavings for your guinea pigs? Don't like the messy cleanup? Try making these washable fleece liners. They are comfortable and cost-effective!


How Much Do Guinea Pigs Cost?

Before you get a guinea pig as a pet, you probably ought to know how much they cost. In this article, we examine the start-up costs of obtaining a guinea pig and the recurring monthly upkeep costs.


How Do You Care for a Long-Haired Peruvian Guinea Pig?

Get information about caring for your Peruvian guinea pig, such as tips about hair care, hair loss, hygiene, diet and comfort. Peruvian guinea pigs need extra attention to make sure they stay free from disease and discomfort.


What to Do for an Overheated Guinea Pig

Guinea pigs can get overheated very easily. Here is a step-by-step guide to caring for your overheated guinea pig.


Common Health Issues in Guinea Pigs

Worried your guinea pig is sick? This article covers the most common health issues that guinea pigs tend to develop, what you can do to treat them, and how to prevent them from occurring in the first place.


Abyssinian Guinea Pigs: Care Guide, Breeds, Colours, Origin

Learn about Abyssinian guinea pigs, including their personality, care tips, colour guide, types, breed history, and what makes them the ideal pet for both children and adults.


72 Cute and Funny Guinea Pig Names

So you are getting a guinea pig? First things first, you need to pick a name! There is plenty to choose from in this article: cute and funny names for both males and females.


150+ Cute Guinea Pig Names: Colour Names, Pair Names and More

Looking for cute guinea pig and cavy names? Here are some handpicked suggestions for naming them after celebrities, famous book characters and more!


Free Range Pets: Can Guinea Pigs Live Outside?

Our pet guinea pigs roam free in a large outdoor enclosure. Explore lots of tips and photos about natural living for your pets, including pregnant guinea pigs, baby guinea pigs, and outdoor housing.


How to Breed Guinea Pigs

Find out how long the guinea pig heat cycle is and discover their gestation length. Learn how to successfully mate and breed guinea pigs, and check out some photos of newborns!


Why Isn't My Guinea Pig Drinking Water?

Why isn't your guinea pig drinking water? This article explains how much water guinea pigs need and when to worry about your guinea pig's water intake.


How to Clean a Guinea Pig's Cage (Fast and Easy)

Cleaning a guinea pig's cage is a lot easier than most people think. Here I will show you how I clean the piggy's cage in less than 10 minutes.


How to Litter Box Train or Potty Train Your Guinea Pigs

Training a guinea pig to use a litter box or pan might be a lot easier than you think. It's also much cleaner for the rest of the cage, which will save you a good bit of time when it's time to wash and clean the entire cage.


Build a Guinea Pig Cage With Cubes and Corrugated Plastic (C&C)

Having guinea pigs is fun, but the cages you find in stores are quite small and get even tighter as they grow. Building your own cubes-and-corrugated plastic (C&C) cage is ideal and inexpensive.


Can I Keep My Guinea Pig Outdoors?

So, you have a new pet guinea pig. Where do you keep him? Your pet guinea pig can be kept outside so long as you follow a few basic, common-sense rules. Guinea pigs are wonderful pets, and if they are to be kept outside, the advice in this article will keep them safe and well cared for.


5 Common Mistakes Guinea Pig Owners Make

Did you know that there are many common mistakes in caring for guinea pigs? Here are five frequent misconceptions and how to avoid them so you can become a better caretaker for your cavy.


Foods That Guinea Pigs Should and Should Not Eat

Did you know that there are some foods you should never feed to guinea pigs? While their diet is pretty simple, there are certain things you need to be aware of in order to keep your guinea pigs healthy. Find out which foods are OK to give to them.


Guinea Pig Care: A Beginner's Guide

Find out how to care for, feed and house a guinea pig. Get advice on choosing a cavy, pregnancy and breeding, where to buy cages and how to deal with common diseases and treatments.


5 Reasons Why Guinea Pigs Make Great Pets

Thinking of getting a new pet? An experienced pet owner weighs the differences between multiple small pet options and gives an overall summary of what it is like to own a guinea pig.

How can you refuse?

24 Guinea Pig Food Brands Ranked From Best to Worst

With so many brands out there, it can be tough to know which diet is the healthiest for your cavies. Here I've ranked some of the better-known guinea pig foods from best to worst in terms of nutritional content.


Three Fun Games to Play With Your Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs are social animals who thrive in the company of both other cavies and their human keepers. Here are three fun activities you can do with your guinea pig that will keep you both entertained during playtime.

this is my 2x4 C&C cage. If you want to learn how to use fleece, or how to make the bunkbeds, check out my other hubs!

How to Build a C&C Guinea Pig Cage: DIY Guide

Most guinea pig owners don't realize that there is another option for a guinea pig cage that is not only cheaper but also more comfortable overall for the guinea pig. A step-by-step tutorial with photos shows how to build a "C&C" cage for a cavy.

this is the fleece I chose for my c&c cage.

Should You Use Fleece for Bedding in Your Guinea Pig Cage?

Cleaning a guinea pig cage has never been easier! This step-by-step tutorial has photos explaining the process of using fleece for bedding.

" Aren't I Cute!"

How to Choose and Care for Your Guinea Pig (Cavy)

Guinea pigs (cavies) make perfect pets for both children and adults. They are sociable little creatures that enjoy being handled and seldom bite. Learn more about the breeds of cavies and how to care for them.


All About Abyssinian Guinea Pigs: Personality, History, and Care

The Abyssinian guinea pig has a unique coat of fur, and it's one of the most popular and recognizable breeds of guinea pig in the world. They can be any color in the guinea pig rainbow and breed readily with other breeds of guinea pigs.


What Can Guinea Pigs Eat? (Plus What Not to Feed Them)

Looking for foods that guinea pigs can safely eat (and those that must be avoided)? This comprehensive guide includes specific tips about hay, pellets, and Vitamin C supplements.


What Toys Can I Give My Guinea Pig?

Guinea pigs love toys as much as the next rodent, but certain toys are safer and more fun for cavies than others. Find out if wheels or balls are suitable for guinea pigs, and get ideas for cheap or free toys like toilet paper rolls and old clothes.


What are Guinea Pigs Allergic To?

Guinea pigs can't eat everything. In fact, certain things will make them quite sick. Learn more about recommended diet before you accidentally kill your pet.


Why Do Guinea Pigs Eat Poo?

Have you ever noticed your guinea pig eating poop? It's not actually poo that the guinea pigs are eating. However, it looks like poo and comes out of the same place. And, it's actually vital to your guinea pig's health and well-being.