72 Cute and Funny Hamster Names

Not ready for a dog? Hamsters make great first pets for children!
Not ready for a dog? Hamsters make great first pets for children!

Naming Your New Hamster

You recently went to the pet store and “tried on” all of the animals that they had there. The birds were way too loud, the fish were all too boring, your stomach turned at the thought of feeding a mouse to a snake, and the other reptiles were just not cuddly enough.

Then something caught your eye: The motion of a wheel turning and turning and this adorable little ball of fur keeping it going. You watched in awe as this little thing shot off the wheel, dove into its tunnel, and squeezed its way to the very top to peek at you.

"That’s the one: the hamster," you said. The perfect pet. And now, the perfect name....

Hamsters make great pets because not only are they small and cute, but they're also easy to bond with, quiet, simple to care for, and not too expensive. Plus, since they are contained in a cage, so is any mess they make.

There are as many reasons to love that adorable little fuzzball as there are names to name it! When it comes to sorting through numerous hamster names, one will surely stand out from the others, ultimately becoming your hamster’s name.

Try looking through the following list of hamster names to see if there is one for your hamster!


Cute Hamster Names

Boo Bear
Sugar Cookie
Brown Sugar
Chocolate Chip

You know those super over-the-top, completely harmless-sounding names that only something painfully cute should have? Well, a hamster meets this criteria.

Funny Hamster Names

Ricky Bobby
Paul Bunyan
Sexy Beast
Orange Soda

Funny and clever names are great for pets. Our favorite? Puns! You can't spell hamster without “ham,” so why not give it a name that you can’t spell without “ham”?


Male Hamster Names

Jo Jo

A lot of people enjoy giving their male hamsters macho names, such as "Monster" or "Rex." Names like these are fun for boys, especially since hamsters are such rough and tough pets!

Female Hamster Names

Snow White

Females often have cute, sweet-sounding names and are often named after food. Sweet food, though, because girls are sweet!


Let Your Hamster Help Pick Its Name

And the list goes on. As you can see, there are a whole lot of names to choose from.

  • If you really can’t think of a name that goes well, or if you are stuck between a few names, take a paper plate and write some names on it, spacing them out well. Next to each name, place different foods: a piece of cheese, hamster food from the pet shop, maybe a cracker and a piece of carrot. Whichever the hamster goes for first will be its name!
  • Another fun way to let the hamster “choose” its name is to place it in a hamster ball if you have one, and place a bunch of sticky notes with different names on them on the outside of the ball. Whichever one falls off the ball first is the name!
  • If you have a really curious hamster that wanders into other rooms, assign a name to each room, decide on a time, and let your hamster loose for ten minutes. Whichever room the hamster is in when the time is up determines the name!

Deciding on a Hamster Name

Whatever names you are choosing between, make sure you take a long look at the hamster for a sign that it's a good fit.

If you're thinking about naming the little guy Bob, but he doesn't “look” like a Bob (and there’s a chance he won't!), then maybe the name Bob should not be considered for your hamster.

(Unless you really, really want to name him Bob; it’s personal preference, of course. I think you get the point!)

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Comments 153 comments

samantha 2 years ago

This has all the info you need to know about hamsters or any thing you need to

Ally 23 months ago

I Just Got A New Hamster And This Has Been A Big Help! Thank You Whoever Made This Site Im Gonna Name My Hamster Precious It Took Me Forever To Decide

Cupid 22 months ago

Thank you for the great names!!! I have picked Gus, Teddy, Pepper, Precious, April, Honey, Butterscotch, Chip, and Cookie. I will be making a vote stand... and the name with the most votes will be my hamster's name! Thank you so much once again!

Kiran 22 months ago

Hamsters are really really really really CCCCUUUUTTTTEEER

Gurl 22 months ago

I really don't know what name to pick! I'm going to go get a hamster in an hour, but there's too many names to pick from

M girl 22 months ago

This web site really helped me fined the prfict boy name. I think my hamster really likes his name.

Hamster friend 21 months ago

My mum won't let me get a hamster burble cus I have a dog

Loz 21 months ago

I named my hamster cookie it really suits her and her colour !

Bubbles 20 months ago

Bubbles is really the right name

Blueberry people 20 months ago

My hamster name is Maximilian beefcakes. He is a sexy beast.

busker 19 months ago

i like busker best

strawberry 19 months ago

I'm getting my seconds hamster because my first one sadly passed on to the world above! There are some great name ideas! I name my hamster Muffin it really suited her!

Lol 19 months ago

I am getting a hamster and I am nameing him paws

bob 19 months ago

I named mine cocopuff

animal lover 19 months ago

i named my hamster flash

Morgiebear 18 months ago

I love this site! Im getting a hamster tomorrow and I picked his name already. I liked the name cooper

jake 18 months ago

Here's a name, i name mine this i. They are boy and girl. Taz and daisy

Emmi 18 months ago






Chubby monster

makei 18 months ago


Zuma 18 months ago


Maria 17 months ago


Nad 17 months ago

fufu sounds good!

Bob the builder 17 months ago

Crystal is the cutest name for any type of hamster

katie 17 months ago

Call your hamster chubby checker

justin beiber 17 months ago

i like the name pablo for a boy hamster

nicole 17 months ago

We have 2 hamsters. The first one and mother to number2 name is Charlotte. #2 her daughter is luna belle.

rowen 17 months ago

freya and louise

Angela 16 months ago

I have two hamsters and there name is :Peppermint & Gingerbread

Calysta 16 months ago

I wish I had a hamster but, I only have a turtle!

K bae 16 months ago

I named mine Mr.Pickels

Hammonster 16 months ago

My hamsters get full names from old movies. Countess Ruby von Treck (God rest her tiny soul), Mayor Clarissa Standish, and Theodora Lynn.

Splosh560 15 months ago

I went with Faraday for my hamster so I could make the joke about Faraday's cage.

Marilu Zanzibar 15 months ago

The official name of my hammy is Teodoro, but we call him Dorito.

Israa Mohamed 15 months ago

I will buy a hamster when I come back from my vacation I will call my boy hamster I will call him Ginger.

Maddie Z 15 months ago

I'm going to find a name that matches it's colors ... For example if I had a male winter white I would name it olaf. If you have trouble picking a name I would ask around to friends and family and see which one gets the most picks

Fox717 15 months ago

I have a pet vole.i named him budwiser cuz he drinks water like its beer lol

AwesomeOcelot 15 months ago

I think Lola or Lilo would make a cute and unique name for any female hamster.

Panda lover 15 months ago

This is the best web site for hamsters. I don't no what name I should call mine!!

Emily 15 months ago

I can't decide on a name for my boy hamster,do you have any suggestions?

Caroline S 15 months ago

This is an awesome site i'm gonna name my hamster cookie

Sarah 15 months ago

How about Teddy? That's pretty cute :-)

Bethany Jones 15 months ago

I really want a hamster but we only have two beta fish.I'm trying to convince my mom to let me get a female hamster that I will name sugar cookie.

Kelli H. 15 months ago

I don't know if I should name mine Lily or April.I also like the name Haley.So many choices!

Jimmy 15 months ago

This is awesome i named my hamsters gus and cooper

Andrew Miller 15 months ago

I like hamsters but right now I have two guinea pigs.Their names are Pepé and Pepper.

Reeses Pieces 15 months ago

I love hamsters this is a great website!!!

Cheerios 15 months ago

I have 3 dwarf hamsters their names are: buster,jo jo,& ripley.

Katie 15 months ago

My orange and white Syrian is named Chester :)

Judy 15 months ago

I named my boy hamster Nester, as he is always making a comfy bed for himself..

ashley 15 months ago

I'm not sure what to name my hamster cookie or whiskers

Jessa 14 months ago

You should name it whiskers

Mai Lee 14 months ago

I just got a hamster named her suki.

Bill W. 14 months ago

I want to name mine beef jerky

mia 14 months ago

I got a hamster her name is pebbles

Sydney Star 14 months ago

I named by white hamsters blizzard and peppermint

Michelle 14 months ago

We used to have a hamster named Clive. I wanted to name it Oscar but my mom insisted on Clive. He died a while ago.

Wesley 14 months ago

Should i name mine sparky or buster??? So many names to choose from!!

Daisy101 14 months ago

I named min e fuzzy wuzzy

Willy 14 months ago

How about hammy

Vanessa 14 months ago

My mom named her hamster hamlet after the shakespeare play. She called it hammy for short.

Candace 14 months ago

Should I name mine Caeser?

Ba ba black sheep 14 months ago

I have two hamsters they are both girls and called Jeanette and Sam

They re staying at my friend's "hotel for pets" (her house) where 14 other pets live! And now 16! There are 13 hamsters called Pumkin, Ghost, Dave, Jaffacake and 7 others that don't have names because they are Dave and Pumkins babies and also there are Sammy and Jeany. There is 1 cat, Lola and 2 rats Twinkle Toes and Cheerio.

10J's 14 months ago

I dont have a hamster but i will get one on christmas if i get good score at my test I'm also wanting to name him cooper.

Phineas & Ferb 14 months ago

My little girl was named Rachel but my stupid cat Chloe ate her!!!!!

I hate cats so much!!!!! Luckily I am getting a new hamster and I'm

naming it Coco Puff.

Doctor Who 14 months ago

i named mine amy pond and matt smith lol :-)

My neighbor totoro 14 months ago

My little hamsters are Mai and Suki.

Madeline 13 months ago

I just named my hamster Shmee! and i'm pretty sure we both love it!

Jennifer 13 months ago

Are u a fan of cpt. Hook? BTW my hamster is named lollipop.

Heeellloooo nurse! 13 months ago

Thanks Tatiana for this great site! My new hamster's name is Cinderella. Thank you also for your great site for guinea pig names.

My little one is Buster.

Ava nicole 13 months ago

They forgot peanut and pecan.

The 13 months ago

My mom won't let me get a hamster. But if I got one, I would name it Mocha if it was a girl and Java if it was a boy.

Tiffany Anderson 13 months ago

Sparky is my boy and April is my girl. They had two girls and a boy and they are named : Coco, Cookie, and Einstein.

Hillary 13 months ago

I like the names lily and april a lot for girl names. For boys, I would pick cooper or buster.

Brianna 13 months ago

Im getting a hamster 4 my bday I don't know what to name it! Btw its a teddy bear hamster

Jess 12 months ago

Bobby or teddy

delilah 12 months ago

all these names are so cute

SOFTBALL 12 months ago







Olivia 12 months ago

Fuzzy nuts

Katie 12 months ago


Angela Lopez 12 months ago

I'm getting a hamster today 24 October 2015. In la and I don't know what I should name him still. All I know is that it's going to be a boy

Hi 12 months ago

Hi hamsters are cute

Cutie 12 months ago

Mine is going to be named coco

Hi 11 months ago

I am naming mine Alfie

Ashly 11 months ago

Hi everyone i named my hamster Cheddar i hope it is a good name

Kristine 11 months ago

I just got a dwarf hamster and I ended up naming him Robo and he even looks like a Robo and I feel like it suits him!!

Me 11 months ago

My hamsters name is winnie

Polly 11 months ago

I have 2 chinese male hamsters called Rocco and Tinsel! I call Rocco 'Rocky' for short an Tinsel 'Tinsey-too!' Love my hamsters, but had to be split up due to fighting which is unusual for this breed! Make sure you have enough time to keep one and try and get them out often, feed them but keep the food in the bowl until the last piece has gone so that they eat the good healthy nuggets as well. Aim to give them fresh water every other day (i sometimes accidentally skip this if i'm busy!) LOVE HAMSTERS! Peace!

Makayla 10 months ago

I just looked up names for my hamster and I picked tiny before and it was there

Paris 10 months ago

I thought this was a clever name

cerrena 10 months ago

i just love my new hamster he is a boy hes so active nice and doesent bite

HampsterLover 9 months ago

Wow I like Gingersnap!

Meg 9 months ago

I'm gonna name my hamster either Gus or Mr. Chubs

Ruthie Rose 9 months ago

Would oreo be a good name?

Azzy 9 months ago

Peanut, cheeto, pecan, hazelnut, ginger, cookie, coco

Clover dell 9 months ago

I want a hamster sooooooo bad!

R-R 9 months ago

I have 10 hamsters. I gave them either weird or normal names...

1. Echo

2. Nicholas "Nick"

3. Jade West

4. Redfield

5. Markie

6. Rocket

7. Ali

8. Blondie

9. Rusty

10. Sam Flynn


Paulina-r 9 months ago

Sakura, sunshine, kirara, oliver, merlin, bongo, pearl and mimi are the cutest in my opinion.

Hamster 8 months ago

My hamsters are called chip and Hershey this website is sooo cool and my hamsters really love their names thank you sooo much for making this website

Rosalie:) 8 months ago

I have four hamsters, Chip and Pip (boys) and Lexi and Pixie (girls)


summer cox 8 months ago

i got a hamster toaday and named it snow white

Kadis 8 months ago

we named our hamster Hootie and Twinkie my daughter liked Butterscotch since he is light brown

grace agombar 8 months ago

im calling mine verdazzle

Madison 8 months ago

I have had 6 hamsters and I have named them Fluffy, bugzie, baby, lemon drop, oreo, and peaches.

Lolxd 7 months ago

I have hamster but I don't know what to call her but now I have m

Named her honey

Becky 7 months ago

I would name my hamsters hamburger, oreo, hugs, angel , button, bubbles, honey, Charlie, tiger, and of course mr nibbles my old hamsters name who passed away. so that's why I went on this website to find hamster names because im getting 2 hamsters soon! Oh and by the way you can also name your Hamster another nice name lola, miss Nibbles or mrs nibbels if breeding.

mollyc 7 months ago

i think "gilbert" as name

Lena 7 months ago

My hamster is brown but I don't know what name I want for my hamster can you please give me a name please and thank you

Cindy 7 months ago

I named mine noodles since he likes them:)

Emma 7 months ago

I think hamsters are so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I have a dwarf hamster. I named her Stella.

Rayvionna 6 months ago

we got three hamsters hazel,liley,coco

Raegan 6 months ago

I have a hamster and his name is Gary

leanne jewel 6 months ago

i'm thinkig about bubbles, holly or butterschotch

Becky 6 months ago

Lena if its a boy I would name it Hamburger if its a girl I would name it Button. Hope I have helped you Lena.

hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii 6 months ago

i like the name cookie

Rex 6 months ago

I like the name buster it remindes me of my dwarf hamster

Lennon 6 months ago

I have a dog called Mia and a hamster called Jeff

April 6 months ago

April is the best name for my new Hamster because its the month my birthdays in. This website helped a lot thanks.

Hamsters RULE 6 months ago

These are the best and Unique and Cute names I can think of.(In my opinion)


Zucker Twig Zingy Twip Puck Tucker Hopper Pup Rex.


Fifi Fluffy Flopper Pip Precious Nibbles Pebbles Pepper Pixie.

Ruler tube 6 months ago

I would name a hamster churro

Cooper 6 months ago

I named my hamster cooper!!!!

April 6 months ago

thats her name because i got her today and todays my birthday

max 5 months ago

I called mine Darwin as my birthday is today and my uncle is called Darwin

Leonardo Dicaprio 5 months ago

my hamster is a girl but i called her Leonardo dicaprio

Carrie 5 months ago

Trying to decide on a name for my male Siberian dwarf. What do u like best out of Milkweed, Alvin or Theodore?

Kiera 5 months ago

i want one!!! i like Milkweed

Hannah 5 months ago

i maned one of mine Hazel the other pearl and one Winter and the last one summer

laurenloveshammys 5 months ago

I named mine custard

SOPHIE HOWARD 5 months ago


Christine B 5 months ago

Snickers for a male and Truffles for a female :-)

Chloe 5 months ago

I have a cute babby hamster it's gray and white but I can't tell if it's a boy or girl yet it is still rally small

Olivia 4 months ago

I am also looking for names to get one tomorrow

Gemna Christmas 4 months ago

I've just bought home a chocolate brown hamster and decided to name him Jaffa after my favourite naughty treat...jaffa cakes!

Kate 4 months ago

I like teagan and ohana

kicking ass 4 months ago

My hamster name is guitar solo

Sophie x 4 months ago

Really Liked these names! In the end picked Meeko for the Boy and Kyra for the girl. Meeko (Mischief) and Kyra (Little Princess/Beauty, But the names on this list were on my List :)

Isi 4 months ago

I made a name like Mr.Tinkels 0r Momo I think they flow well:)

Cassidy #hamsterandanimallover 3 months ago

I just got a hamster today and i am 100perecnt sure im gonna name her July

Maddy 3 months ago

Laya is what I'm going to name mine

Emily 2 months ago

my besties giveing me a hamster for free and its white im gonna call it fluffy bob :D so funny

Hamsterkat 2 months ago

I wanted to get a grey male and I just thought of naming it smoke but since the Homestuck trash I am especially if it was crabby I'm gonna name it karkat. ._.

#Eika 2 months ago

I named my hamster ginger & biscuit

SkylarBlue 7 weeks ago

I have a hamster named Oreo he's black and white

#awe 7 weeks ago

I am getting my hamster Monday . I picked this names boo bear

, Lou-Mari

nuts 7 weeks ago

i think the names nutella ,oreo,coco,cookies and shmoo are all good names for either boy or girl

flannery 5 weeks ago

cocopuff is so cute

Sophia 5 weeks ago

Fifi is a cute name

Bo$$ 4 weeks ago

Today Is my brothers birthday so we are getting a hamster named CHEWY

mmmmeeeeeeaahahahahahahaha 3 weeks ago

im naming mine churro :3

???????? 3 weeks ago

Omgggg Doritoes is so cute

Rats 2 weeks ago

I have one female rat that's white with a little bit of grey and I want to name her Siurus. Is that a good name?

Person 2 weeks ago

My hamster's name is Tator Tot... I call him Tate

Zoe 10 days ago

Call the Hamster JJ

Pixie 9 days ago

I am getting a dwarf hamster in Wednesdat and she is going to be called Pixie!

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