Causes of Sudden Death in Hamsters

What disease, illness, and problems cause a pet hamster to die suddenly and unexpectedly?


5 Reasons Not to Get a Pet Hamster

Yes, hamsters are cute, but there are also some downsides. Here are the five main negatives of keeping these rodents.


8 Things You Should Know Before Getting a Pet Hamster

Yes, hamsters are cute fluffballs, but here are eight important things you should know before getting one.


10 Items Your Hamster Needs for a Long and Happy Life

A guide on choosing the right hamster cage, bedding, and food, as well as recommended items you need for a happier and healthier hamster.


The Best Hamster Cage Size: How Big Should It Be?

Guidelines for the size of your hamster cage, associated research and cage-buying options. We will also take a look at why Critter Trails might not be so terrible.


How Can I Get My Hamster to Trust Me?

Some simple steps to get even the shyest of hamsters to trust you and become your fluffy best friend.


6 Things You Should Never Do If Your Hamster Has Babies

Congratulations! You're the proud parent of some brand new hamster babies. To ensure their best chance of survival, here are six things you should never do while the pups are young.


How to Care for and Raise Black Bear Hamsters

Black Bear hamsters are reported to be more tolerant of handling than other hamsters. They also seem to handle stressful conditions better than other hamster types. Learn more about this fun hamster breed.


Cage Rage in Hamsters: The Complete Guide

Cage Rage aka Cage Aggression Syndrome can be a potentially serious psychological disorder that is often mistaken for a grumpy hamster or something else. The complete guide to cage rage.


A Complete Guide to Roborovski Hamsters

The Roborovski hamster is the smallest, quickest and liveliest species of hamster. A complete guide to the hamsters and their care.


Wet Tail in Hamsters: Symptoms, Treatment, and Outlook

A complete guide to wet tail in hamsters. Causes, symptoms, treatment, and outlook. What to do if you think your pet has wet tail.


Uterine Problems in Hamsters: Signs, Symptoms, Treatment and Outlook

Hamsters, like humans, can suffer problems with their reproductive organs. Uterine problems are especially common with breeding hamsters or older ones and only occur in females.


72 Cute and Funny Hamster Names for Males and Females

Got a hamster? Looking for a name? No matter what kind of name you're seeking, browse through this list to find the perfect one for your male or female hamster!


How to Care for an Injured Hamster

Curious about learning hamster first aid? We'll discuss how to prevent hamster falls—one of the main causes of injury to these small pets. We'll also talk about how to deal with mites and other conditions.


Best Hamster Names

Do you have an adorable ball of fluffy hamster at home but can't decide what to name him? Your problem is solved with this great list of hamster names, including suggestions by type, appearance, and the number of hamsters you have.


How to Care for a Syrian (Golden) Hamster

This article details essential items which you need to care for your pet Syrian hamster. We'll cover housing, feeding and hamster illnesses, among other topics.


What to Do When Your Hamster Escapes: Tips on Finding Missing Pets

Hamsters are well-known for being escape artists. If your pet hamster escapes, here are some tips for finding your missing pet.


Which Hamster Should I Get?

There are several species of hamsters commonly kept as pets today. This article discusses some of the popular types of pet hamsters on the market and their care specifications.


How to Introduce a New Dwarf Hamster into Your Current Hamster's Home

If you already have one dwarf hamster and are thinking about adding a friend to make things more cozy, you should ensure you know how to introduce them safely


How Do Hamsters Communicate With Each Other and With Humans?

Learn how to understand what hamsters are trying to tell you or another hamster.


How to Travel With a Hamster

If you're going on vacation, but you're not quite sure what to do with your pet hamster, you basically have two options: take them with you or find a sitter. Let's discuss the pros and cons of each option.


How to Train Your Hamster to Use a Litter Box

Learn how to potty train your hamster!


How to Train Your Hamster to Let You Hold Him

With lots of patience, you can train your new hamster to accept being held by a human.


Sick Hamsters: Signs of Allergies in Hamsters

Hamsters are usually pretty hardy animals, but they can have allergies to food, bedding, and other agents. The most common allergy for hamsters is going to be the bedding or another household agent.


Hamster Breathing Fast and Heavy? Causes and Treatment of Respiratory Illnesses

Probably the most common illness in hamsters besides wettail is a respiratory infection. It's mostly common among hamsters that come from pet stores since the stressful environment can weaken their immune system.


My Hamster Has a Lump: Is It an Abscess? (Signs and Treatments)

If your hamster has an abnormal lump anywhere on the body, you should definitely find a veterinarian that is familiar with small animals so that you can have the lump diagnosed. It may be a simple abscess caused by an infection.


Signs and Treatments of the Common Cold in a Hamster

Is your hamster getting a cold? Learn the signs and treatments.

Almost never going to see a vet bandage a hamster broken leg

Signs and Treatment of Broken Legs in Hamsters

Hamsters are usually pretty resilient. You're not really going to see a broken bone very often, but when it happens, it can be scary for you and your little guy. Broken legs aren't as big of a concern with larger animals because the vet can...


Sick Hamsters: Signs of Fungal Infections and Treatments

Hamsters are generally pretty clean animals, but they can only do so well when they're not being taken care of. Fungal infections, which can be deadly, can develop if the owner does not keep the cage clean. Learn how to protect your hamster's health.


My Hamster Is Pregnant—Now What?

Hamsters are able to get pregnant as young as four weeks old. They have the babies about 30 days later. They can have up to 10 or more babies in one litter, so be ready.


Symptoms of Poor Hamster Health or Illness

Learn about common hamster illnesses and their symptoms.


How Much Does a Hamster Need to Eat?

One of the natural wonders of the world is watching a hamster stuff his or her cheeks. Amazingly, they can carry the equivalent of their own bodyweight in their cheeks.

Cheeks filled with treats.

How to Care for Pet Hamsters: Behavior, Diet, Housing, and More

A few tips and guidelines one should know about hamsters before and while owning one. Learn about their temperament, diet, housing, and behaviors.


How to Sex Baby Hamsters

Unlike adult hamsters, where the sexual characteristics are amazingly obvious, the babies look virtually identical.


Sick Hamster: Signs and Treatment of Wet Tail in Hamsters

Hamsters are not the only small animal that can get "wet tail," but they are the most common small mammal to succumb to it. Chinchillas, rabbits, gerbils, rats, and mice can all develop the condition, as it is caused by stress.