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Health Problems in Pet Mice

A guide to health problems pet mice can suffer from along with treatment options and outlook. Like with any other pet, mice are no exception to health risks, and many illnesses are treatable.


Pet Mice: Guide to Caring for a Fancy Mouse

Mice can make wonderful pets, but there are some things you should know before getting one (or two, or more). Read on for a complete guide to their care, handling, welfare and other information.


How to Care for Baby Mice Found in the Wild

I share the story of how I took care of three blind baby mice—and how you can do it, too.


How to Bond With Your Pet Mouse and Get It to Like You

Most mouse owners find their pets hesitant to socialize. If you use this short list of techniques, you should be able to make your mouse feel safe, social, and affectionate.


What to Do When Your Pet Mouse Has Babies

If you've been caught off guard by a pet mouse pregnancy, taking care of the babies doesn't have to be difficult. Having recently experienced this, I chronicled my actions. I offer a step-by-step list of suggestions for properly guiding your new pets into the world.


How to Introduce Two Pet Mice to the Same Cage

Pet mice may get lonely if they live alone, but they may fight if a new mouse shows up in their territory. After successfully introducing three adult male mice, I created a list of suggestions for anyone else who might need to do this.


Alpha Mouse: How to Tell If Your Mice Are Fighting or Playing

Mice are social animals, but if you put them together, they will fight. With the proper understanding, you can tell whether your mice should live together or if they might hurt each other.


How to Reduce the Smell of Your Pet Mouse

Pet mouse odor can easily be reduced using a few cheap and simple methods. Certain products available at pet stores can eliminate smells from the cage, and by cleaning carefully on a regular schedule you can stop your mouse from marking territory with his scent.


How to Spot a Sick Mouse: Common Illnesses in Pet Mice

Little mice can have big problems: colds, flu, allergies, mites, and even cancer.


Top 10 Reasons Not to Be Scared of Mice!

Anatomically speaking, mice are harmless. In most cases, they won't attempt to bite you unless threatened—and, even then, they are unlikely to cause much damage. Here's how to fight your fear of mice!