125+ Cute and Clever Names for Your Pet Rat

Did you recently get a pet rat, or are you thinking about it? It's going to need a great name, and here are more than 125 to choose from. You'll find famous rat names, funny ones, cute ones, and even ones for pairs. Take a look, and hopefully you'll find the perfect one.


How to Introduce a New Pet Rat

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What Is the Best Bedding for Pet Rats?

Learn about the best types of bedding for pet rats, including paper pellet bedding, straw pellet bedding, cloth bedding and more. Also learn about what bedding not to use with your precious pet rats.


How to Care for Baby Rats

If your rat is pregnant, here's what you need to know as she prepares to give birth. Learn about labor and birth, as well as how to care for the babies over the first six weeks of their lives.


Pet Rats: Male or Female?

Rats make great pets, but due to their propensity for procreation, they should only be housed with other members of the same sex. Read on to learn the differences between male and female pet rats.