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Why You Should Consider Getting Pet Rats

Rats are awesome pets with big personalities, but they are often overlooked. This article will list several reasons why rats make great pets.


5 Reasons Pet Rats Bite

There are a variety of reasons why a pet rat might bite. This article will go over why they might bite and what to do about it.


6 Things You Need to Have in Your Rat Cage

This article will go over all of the basic items you need to have in a rat cage, plus a few fun things.


The Best Foods for Your Pet Rats

There are a ton of rat foods on the market. This article will tell you which foods are the best to feed your pet rat, and which foods to avoid.


125+ Cute and Clever Names for Your Pet Rat

Did you recently get a pet rat, or are you thinking about it? It's going to need a great name, and here are more than 125 to choose from. You'll find famous rat names, funny ones, cute ones, and even ones for pairs. Take a look, and hopefully you'll find the perfect one.


How to Take Care of a Pet Rat: FAQs, Tips, and Tricks

A quick guide to rat care including diet, social life, bedding, and more.


Rats as Therapy Pets

Did you know that rats are not the dirty creatures we believe them to be? Find out how they do as therapy pets and can become the reason you get up in the morning.


How to Keep Your Rat Cage Smelling Lovely

Think rats are smelly? They're not! Here's how to keep their cage clean—the way they like it, you like it, and your household likes it.


10 Risks of Breeding Fancy Rats

Do you breed rats? There are many dangers that are associated with breeding pet fancy rats. Will the doe die? What if the kits are abandoned or born deformed? Be prepared for scary situations, and know your options!


How to Bond With Your Pet Rats: A Beginner's Guide

So you have your rat, but he/she is very shy. I will teach you how to bond with your pet rats and show you some great activities you can do with them.


5 Reasons for Breeding Your Own Feeder Rats and Mice for Snakes

If you have reptiles, you may want to start breeding feeder rodents. Rats and mice are the most common species. Shipping costs are only getting higher each year. Save tons of money and even make some!


Pet Rat Supply List: Cage, Essentials, and Accessories

Pet rats, whether hairless, dumbo, rex, or standard, all need vital supplies for their care and health. Cages and toys must be healthy and engaging as well. As a rat owner or breeder, are you equipped with all the necessities? Here's a checklist.


Top 10 Reasons to Have Rats as Pets

Want to have pet rats? Rats are great pets, and they have so many different benefits. If you have decided to have rats as pets, here are the reasons why you've made a great decision! (And if you haven't decided, here are reasons why you should get a rat as a pet.)


How to Keep Your Pet Rats Cool During Summer

Are your pet rats suffering in the summer heat? Learn the signs of an overheated rat, as well as how to prevent heat stroke and heat stress in your pet rats. Keep your rats healthy this summer!


How to Trim Your Pet Rat's Nails

Are your pet rat's nails too long or sharp? Learn how to safely trim your rat's nails using nail scissors or clippers, as well as how to file down your rat's nails naturally.


How to Introduce and Protect Your Pet Rat From Your Dog

Is your dog aggressive toward your pet rat? It is common for dogs to see rats as "food" and not "friends." Learn how to introduce your rat to your dog and protect it from your dog if needed.


How to Get Cheap Cages for Your Pet Rat

Have you been wondering how and where to find cheap cages for your pet rats? Here are a few ideas and tips to keep costs down!


How to Safely Pick Up and Hold a Pet Rat

Do you have a new, squirmy pet rat? Learn how to build trust with your new friend and pick them up easily and safely. Remember not to grab them forcefully or pick them up by the tail!


How to Bathe Your Pet Rat Without Stress

Not all rats enjoy a good bath. Discover how to make cleaning and bathing your pet rat a less stressful experience for you and your furry friend.


Gambian Pouched Rats: Exotic Pets and Helpful Animals

Gambian pouched rats, or African giant pouched rats, are large animals that are kept as exotic pets. They are also used to detect land mines and tuberculosis.


How to Introduce a New Pet Rat

Do you need to introduce a new pet rat to your rat family? Learn the gradual, step-by-step introductory process recommended by experts, accompanied by useful tips and personal insight.


What Is the Best Bedding for Pet Rats?

Learn about the best types of bedding for pet rats, including paper pellet bedding, straw pellet bedding, cloth bedding and other options. Also learn about what bedding not to use with your precious rats.


How Do I Make My Pet Rat Like Me?

If your rat is scared, shy or aggressive, learn how to tame them and make them like you.


Fancy Rat Varieties: Fur Color, Eye Color, Coat Type, and Markings

Rats can be defined by many factors; one individual rat may be defined by one or more factors. These factors include color, coat type, markings, and body type.


A List of Safe and Dangerous Foods for Your Pet Rat

Do you know which foods are safe for your rat to eat? Here's a list from A-Z of foods that are and aren't ok for rats to consume.


Foods That Are Poisonous to Your Rat

Contrary to popular opinion, rats can't eat everything. Learn how NOT to poison your pet! Find out if rats can eat common foods like chocolate, avocado, mango, and more.


How to Care for Pregnant Rats and Baby Rats

Is your rat pregnant and about to give birth? Learn more about the labor and birth process along with how to care for the babies over the first six weeks of their lives.


Rats and Their Types, Colors, and Patterns (With Photos)

Learn more about the different rat types. Can you figure out which one you have?


Rat Care for Beginners: How to Create the Perfect Rat Cage Setup

If you've never considered a pet rat, perhaps it's time you should! Here's how to care for your pet rat—from cage setup, feeding and watering, and enrichment to long-term care—here's everything you need to know.


Why Rats Are the World's Smartest and Most Underrated Pets

Rats make wonderful pets. Learn more about their charms and how to take care of them!

Krishna the Blue Dumbo Rat

Interesting Facts About Rats

Are rats dirty beasts or beloved pets? How did they go from being used in dog fights to being sent into outer space? Find out this and much more in this cheerful list of rat trivia.


How to Prepare a Healthy Homemade Diet for Your Rat

There are many diets for rats on the market, but you may want to vary your pet's diet with something homemade.


What Kinds of Fancy Rats Are There? (Genetic Anomalies in Rats)

There are many types of fancy rats now available. How was such diversity achieved? Where did it all come from? Find out in this article.


Pet Rats: Male or Female?

Rats make great pets, but due to their propensity for procreation, they should only be housed with other members of the same sex. Read on to learn the differences between male and female pet rats.


How to Breed Healthy Hairless Rats (Sphynx Rats)

Hairless rats make for wonderful pets, but breeding them is difficult. This is not a hobby to enter lightly! Read more on the proper husbandry and breeding of hairless rats.


Hairless Rats: Common Health Problems

Hairless rats make wonderful pets, but they do require a little more care than their furry counterparts. These rats can suffer from a higher incidence of certain health problems, so learn how to care for them properly.