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Cat’s Unexpected Reaction to Finding a Lizard Has People Intrigued

The best videos on the internet are the ones where something completely unexpected happens. It's safe to say that a Calico cat on TikTok was definitely not expecting to see the lizard she found outside her house. If we'd have to guess she'd never seen one in her life! And the results are absolutely internet gold.

Sushi can probably best be described as an indoor cat. So image her surprise when she went outside and saw something she'd almost certainly never seen before. The video shows Sushi carefully approaching the lizard. Giving it tiny boops on the face while she tries to figure out what this strange little creature is. The lizard has a pretty funny reaction to meeting Sushi too, but to see the whole thing in all its glory you'll have to watch the video for yourself! 

"I don’t think she could survive in the wild," Sushi's owner Shannon Jones ( joked in the caption.

The comments section was dying over these unlikely BFFs. "I like how the lizard just :V" @tentescalus teased. "I love how many angles you got and how long this went on," @torisassy wrote. "She’s trying to be so gentle with it!" @rshamburg noted. "It wants to kiss her, but she's afraid," @katelynnemard teased. 

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There were a few people who worried that Sushi was going to hurt the lizard, but in a second video Jones made it clear that everything was a-okay. The footage shows Sushi and the lizard jut chilling with each other. "All good they just ended up vibin'," Jones wrote in the caption. 

Looks like the beginning of a beautiful friendship to us.

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