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Cat Playing 'Cards Against Humanity' Is the R-Rated Comedy We Need

Spoiler alert: this cat's Cards Against Humanity selection is not for children! Yep, you read that correctly--Catthew's favorite pastime (and a favorite of his followers' as well) is selecting hilarious cards from the classic adult party game, and we are oh-so-glad we found his account. It's the laugh we didn't know we needed! 

Catthew goes by @vulgartuxedo on TikTok, which is the most fitting name he could possibly have. He looks like one majestic gray kitty, but his card selections are quite something!

OMFG, we are screaming! Cards Against Humanity never fails to be shockingly vulgar, but it's so much funnier watching a feline make the selection. So innocent...but so dirty!

"He’s so real for that," commented viewer @usermomaha. That's certainly true! Maybe Catthew is more of a bro than we thought! @Gwendolyn010 must agree, because she wrote, "ah yes, just like one of the guys." He'd fit right in on boys' night! He already knows the party games, too.

We got a serious laugh out of @sacrednile_candles' comment, too. They wrote, "this kitty always seems to be listening to its spirit guides before it picks a card," and honestly, they're not wrong! We don't know what exactly drives his decision-making, but it hasn't led him wrong yet. 

"I just love how POLITELY and LOVINGLY the cards are treated," @supportive_commenter_ily shared. He's more mild-mannered than most people playing the game! If anything, this just confirms our suspicions: we really want to hang out with this cat. It looks like such a chill, fun time!

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