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Dog's Adorable Way of Doing a 'Bitey Arm' Is Downright Precious

An attack dog is a dog trained to defend people or property. They are usually trained with commands or hand signals or to attack at the first sign of provocation. These dogs are usually used by K-9 police units or military personal and they are trained to kill on command. Which is why the hilariously non-threatening Golden Retriever Louie posted by TikTok account @LouieTheCream is so failing at "bitey arm." 

Just watch this video and compare Louie's 'attack' to that of an actual real attack dog. 

LOL! he's so happy about it. That just about has to be the most tail-wagging 'attack' we've ever seen. @someone293747 simply posts, "Awwww!" and @Guacamolei thinks Louie has an ulterior motive posting, "What a cutie! How my pooch takes me to the treat drawer!" @Jen says "Louie will hurt you in 3-5 business days." LOL! A lot of people in the comments pointed out that's there's a big difference between Louie and a highly skilled and trained attack dog, and we'd have to go with @Louiethecream who replied "Thank you, Captain Obvious" when this was pointed out. We are pretty sure this was just meant to be a cute, fun video and not an actual demonstration of Louie's attack skills. 

But wait, on the other hand, Louie DID attack us! He attacked all of our hearts with his adorableness! 

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