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Golden Retriever's Reaction to Being Caught Taking a Night Swim Is Just Hilarious

Everyone once in a while, it's okay to break the rules. Just ask a Golden Retriever named Duke who was ready to risk it all to take a night swim. Sadly, Duke's illicit dip in the pool was noticed by his mama, who's attempt to get him out of the water failed once she saw how happy her guy was. 

We're not sure what Kimberly Clark (@kimberlyclark78) expected to see when she went out to her pool one night, but what she did find was her dog Duke having the time of his life. "I went inside for one second and I come back out and you're in the pool," she can be heard saying from behind the camera. "Do you think it's Saturday?" she asked. "Yeah Mom, we party on Saturday," she added, as if speaking for Duke. Ultimately, Clark decided to let Duke swim, but his reaction when she asked for a high five was too funny.

"Duke swims day or night," she joked in the video's caption. 

The comments section joined in on the fun too. "Ahahahahaaaaa I'M DONEEEE this is incredible the high five has me rolling," @crizzo0988 wrote. "Him moon walking under the water," @deannawillick361 commented before adding the crying-laughing emoji. "I would drive all the way to your house just to swim with him," @fine553thesyst3m added. "He's like, 'Mom I'm swimming here,'" @jennywrx23 chimed in. 

This wasn't the first time that Duke was caught taking a swim. In a previous video on Clark's page, she again had to try and reason with him to get out of the water. "Silly boy is addicted to the pool!" she wrote in the video's text.

Duke has clearly found his passion in life. And that's avoiding his mom so he can swim.