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Blind Dog's Reaction to Meeting a Baby Is the Most Heartwarming Thing We've Ever Seen

Friendships between babies and dogs are magical. Dogs are natural protectors and babies are in constant need of supervision, so they make the perfect pair. One particularly special dog recently befriended a baby and their first time meeting is amazing to watch.

TikTok user @ablinddogandhisguidedog recently shared a video of their blind Husky, Sid, meeting their friend's baby for the first time. The baby was very interested in this pup and giggled at him a bit, and Sid's gentleness was incredible to see. Check out the video to see the interaction that is melting hearts across the internet!

OMG, that was just too sweet. The text on the video says that Sid loves babies and we can totally see that! For a blind dog, he manages to be extremely delicate with his little friend. We didn't need more proof that dogs are the best, but we have it with this video.

People in the comments are going gaga over this duo. @scarlett_rose420 said, "Absolutely too much cuteness in this video! I can't take it!" and @simplenc commented, "You don’t need eyes to see and experience love." Sid and this baby definitely have the beginning of a long and loving friendship here!

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Others thought it was amazing that this pup knew there was a baby in front of him and he needed to be gentle. @reeeeebeccaa said, "The way he can sense its a baby, omg! The cutest most sweetest thing ever. What a good boy!" Another user, @vickymarchin, commented, "Honestly, some humans can learn from this. This sweet angel new exactly where to look for the baby and so gently." It's amazing that this pup was able to adjust his behavior and orientation to accommodate the baby so quickly!

In the comments, Sid's parents said had their own baby a few weeks ago and are slowly introducing them to each other. We can tell he will be the best big brother in no time!

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